China’s richest man has 30-30-30 advice for the upcoming period

Every January there is an outing at Davos associating to the World Economic Forum. All the great leaders and the big business tycoons share their thoughts and advice. This year it was time for Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, to give some of his valuable advice. He gave 3 pieces of advice to the audience regarding how to be successful and financially stable in future while doing the business. Here are they.

Tip 1

Look at the big picture. By the picture, Jack means to concentrate on the next 30 years. According to him, a technology revolution happens on a time interval of 50 years. The initial 20 years are utilized by the company to establish the technology. The following 30 years prove to be of significant importance for companies as this is the period for the implementation of the technology.

Tip 2

Do not forget the past either. When you look 30 years ahead, also look 30 years back. Look back at your own company for the mistakes that you have done. Learn from them. Look at the other companies as well. Learn from their mistakes too. This will not only help you in the present but will also help in building a new tomorrow.

Tip 3

Last but not the least; jack asks us to look at the small scale industries. Small scale industries are the best example to learn from. He also mentioned a famous dialogue from one of his favorite Hollywood movie—Nobody makes money catching whales. People make money catching shrimps.

Well, these are some of the valuable tips that he gave and will be definitely helpful in future.

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