Rebel Media Site Down Due to Service Cut

Rebel Media, the traditional media of Canada, claimed that a tech company congested directing traffic to its site, making it out-of-the-way to some consumers all over the world. This took place last week as the website, recognized for tirades against refugees and Muslims, grappled to get back online.

Last week Alphabet Inc’s Google, GoDaddy Inc, and other tech firms pushed the Daily Stormer, the neo-Nazi website, offline by ending services to the online publication. This assisted to manage a white nationalist rally in Virginia that converted violent. Ezra Levant, the founder of Rebel Media, claimed that he was provided with a notice of 24 Hours and no clarification for the action. He did not recognize the tech firm.

Rebel Media Site Down Due to Service Cut

“If this was a decision related to political censorship, it is frightening similar to a phone firm telling you it is terminating your phone number on a notice of 24 Hours because it does not like your chats,” Levant claimed to the media in an interview. He claimed that website was still accessible in almost 50% part of the world. Rebel Media has encountered sharp criticism for what was believed excessively sympathetic reporting of a white-supremacist in Charlottesville, Virginia previously this month. Here, a female was murdered when a man put a car into a crowd of anti-protesters.

Levant answered by making an attempt to distance itself far away from this matter. He fired Faith Goldy, one of his employees, due to the consequences of Charlottesville. Goldy captured spectacular footage of the attack that left a 32-year-old female dead and 19 wounded while she was live streaming the video for Rebel from Charlottesville.

Levant, a media personality and a lawyer who in February 2015 established the outlet as “your courageous resource of opinion, news, and activism”, had earlier been a prime-time host on Sun News Network. Sun News Network was a short-lived cable channel in Canada named “Fox News North” by its censors that closed post 4 Years of operation in the middle of poor ratings.

Some prominent conventional politicians of Canada have also looked to keep themselves away from the website. Various other contributors have left the online publication over the last week, as per the media reports.

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