Samsung Pay may launch in India in 2017

The South Korean leading company in tech, Samsung is all set to keep its foot in India for the electronic payment solutions. It will be launching Samsung Pay in India soon in 2017 giving a tough competition to other payment solutions such as Apple Pay and Android Pay.

Even though the company will be launching this service in India next year, it has been already available in countries such as Brazil, Australia, South Korea, China, U.S., and Spain. The service will hit the Indian mobile market in the first half of 2017.

As per the sources, the company has already started the tests on Samsung Pay electronic payment solutions. The firm is likely to bring this service to its high range and middle range of smartphones excluding the budget phones from this list. On the other hand, Samsung will face a huge problem before the service becomes a trend among the people. Most of the places and stores in India do not have NFC-payment methods and this will cause a problem to the tech giant.

For time being, the fortune cookie has given a positive sign for Samsung Pay electronic payment solution in India. The reason—demonetization. As the country is under the shadow of demonetization, it is really easy for Samsung to get settled in the business. With the favoring government and favoring condition, Samsung will be all set to launch the Samsung Pay electronic payment solution in India next year. And we are sure that this service will also be popular as the company’s smartphones.

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