E-Commerce Platforms Make Way for Smes to Trade Goods

Planning to simplify hurdles encountered by small vendors to display products online, many e-commerce marketplaces are providing incentives to fill the gap by delivering products and eliminating intermediaries from the SMEs (small and medium enterprises) to users.

The C2C (customer-to-customer) market of the country, which is sized at almost $5 Billion yearly, has been mainly facilitated by these e-commerce marketplaces by assisting smaller vendors trade from their own sites or by permitting them the ability to trade via other larger platforms such as eBay and Amazon. “With the roll out of Digital India, present scenario of C2C trade in India is pretty pledging. It is thriving,” founder of Handikart, Priyank Varshney, claimed to the media.

E-Commerce Platforms Make Way for Smes to Trade Goods

“The C2C online trade, which is still at an extremely blossoming stage, is developing and a rising number of companies are making an attempt to make their spot by offering a technological marketplace to the vendors with a purpose to organize the segment,” he further added. As an online trading platform, Handikart straightly obtains handcrafted products and items from artisans with immediate payment and sales those products through online portals such as eBay or Amazon and online on the website.

As per a consultancy and research firm, the C2C trading market in the country is presently pegged at almost $9 Billion and anticipated to record a combined yearly rate of growth of 60% to 70% by the end 2022.

“The SME market in India is ambitious and hungry to hold digital but is waiting for somebody to show the way and take the lead. While everyone needs to take their commerce online, they still require a lot of handholding to speak to their potential barriers. For precisely these factors, we made a decision to make our items really simple for them to utilize,” claimed Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Shopmatic, Anurag Avula, to the media.

Avula claimed that the last mentioned size of the market is almost 51 Million SMEs. The firm assists owners by designing an exclusive web store to list commerce on social media and marketplace channels, also giving ideas on how to trade online.

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