Truecaller in talks with Indian Smartphone Makers for app Integration

Co-founder of Truecaller, Nami Zarringhalam, had a brief with Indian and Chinese smartphone vendors regarding the topic of its app integration. The discussion was full of information. Here is a quick brief of the meeting. (Note: Answers by Nami Zarringhalam are emphasized in Italics).

What are your views on the Indian market?

India has been evergreen for us. It has been our largest market till date. We are discovering different opportunities on how to expand to nearby areas and grow in the surrounding places. Please be patient and wait for more announcement as there will be lots of surprises to come.

The platform that we have built in India is based on identity and is used in various ways. All our products and inventions have only one sole goal. The goal to build an efficient and safe communication platform based on real identity.

What is the next big thing Truecaller is working on?

We have worked tirelessly and with great efforts for the last half year in discovering new elements. When we researched, it was found that language was a big obstacle, especially in India. So, we have introduced 12 different languages in our app. Normally, any app contains 2 to 3 languages but our app is unique and provides 12 different languages. We will try to pull in more languages for users.

Well friends, having an interview with such questions was indeed full of information. We wish Truecaller with all the luck for future. Also, it seems that the firm has no major competitor in the industry. So for now, Truecaller is the only one ruling the market single-handedly.

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