Plastic Garbage Patch To Be Investigated By Veteran Mariner Emily Penn

By | July 3, 2018

Plastics and its negative effects have surrounded the world since its advent. However, the low-cost and ease of availability are contributing to the immense usage. The aquatic life is in grave danger due to the similar reason. In order to curb the same, veteran mariner Emily Penn has decided to initiate a venture that will include only female crew to identify the largest assimilation of marine plastic in the world.

The team, led by Emily Penn will also accomplish various experiments on the massive mobile mess made of plastic. This is also referred to as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This is created with the ocean currents and wind. This has swirled the plastics around, giving it a huge shape, which is currently thrice the size of France.

Emily Penn has undergone several experiments, which has revealed that the toxic effects of the plastics are very harmful to the women, which has compelled her to initiate the venture. The entire set of data obtained from the journey will be shared with the universities in Switzerland, the UK, and the US. The data will include the amount of plastic present in the seas and air along with the sediments. This will help the scientists analyze the extent to which the aquatic and terrestrial wildlife will be affected due to the same.

According to Emily Penn, she is more concerned about the matter that the plastics are breaking down under the influence of the sunlight and seawater. She has also experimented that the tiny particles are extremely harmful as these are jammed with chemicals. She has even revealed that these chemicals are equivalent to oestradiol, which is the sex hormone and can negatively affect the fertility in not only humans but also in animals.

This will be a support to the deals that work for controlling the pollution, one of which is the Plastics Watch, launched by BBC.

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