New Grant From VidCon Will Reward $2,000 To An Up-And-Coming YouTuber For A Year Each Week

By | July 3, 2018

VidCon, the YouTube fan conference, has declared that it will reward $2,000 grants to a new up-and-coming YouTuber for a year every week, summing $104,000 in grants to emerging YouTubers. The money does not have any hidden conditions. You can invest it however you like. “Nothing is out there making this simple and a number of things are out there making it difficult,” wrote Hank Green, founder of VidCon, on the site for the project. Green declared the grant this year at VidCon’s keynote. The grant, on the other hand, is not a way into coveted “featured creator” status by VidCon. “We wish to be clear that this initiative is completely different from invites to VidCon,” he further added.

The only necessities to apply: You must be making content that lives on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat,, Twitch, Tumblr, Facebook, your blog, or Pinterest; you must have been posting 2 clips each month for minimum span of 6 Months before to your date of application; you must be getting not more than 150,000 views for every clip every time; and you must reside in the U.S.

The grant declaration comes in the middle of the current demonetization dispute that has swirled around YouTube for the past 1 Year. In January 2018, the firm shifted the goalposts for how many subscribers and views a creator required to have to receive money from advertisers. The update hinted widespread anger from the YouTube society, comprising high profile makers such as Tyler Oakley, Casey Neistat, and Justine Ezarik. The modification was also rumored to have encouraged the woman responsible for the shootings at YouTube’s headquarters in Mountain View in April, which left the shooter dead and 3 wounded. But the impact of the policy change has been swallowed by minor creators, which the new VidCon grant program particularly looks to support.

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